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Holistic Massages in Frankfurt

  • for over 15 years in Frankfurt
  • free of charge: case history & posture check-up
  • various & individual Massage Therapies

  • towels are provided
  • air-conditioned

Massages Therapy
are extremely beneficial to reduce daily stress levels

Wellness Massages
increase your overall sense of wellbeing , relax and enjoy

Mobile Massages
relaxation at Home or in the Hotel Room

Office- & Event Massage
a lasting experience for employer's staff and clients

A few selected references

Back Massage can relieve shoulder-and neck-tensions, headaches, cervical syndrome (neck stiffness), sciatica

Tao Massage can relieve stress, headaches, throat- and neck-tensions, sciatica, sleeping disorders

Deep Tissue Massage can relieve headaches, cervical syndrome and sciatica, differences in leg lengths, scoliosis, shallow breathing, reduced mobility, constipation, obliquities

Ki-Atzu Massage can relieve tensions, reduced mobility, blood circulation dysfunction and lymphatic congestion, inner tension, decrease of waste products

Arun-Massage can relieve muscle tension, clotted and scarred connective tissue, disruption of energetic fields, neurological/orthopedic movement disorders

Ayurveda-Massage can relieve tension and stress, inner tension, decrease of waste products and toxic substances, low energy, lymph flow dysfunction

Scar treatment can relieve blocked energy, unnatural posture, deep-rooted traumata

Pregnancy Massage can relieve tensions in the entire back, sciatica, tired legs, lymph flow dysfunction

Ki Press Massage can relieve slight tension, headaches, tiredness, low energy, increase of energy

Reflexology can relieve blocked energy, strained nerves and muscels, stress, slow blood circulation

Hot-Stone Massage can relieve weak connective tissue, physical and mental disorders, decrease of waste products, blood circulation dysfunction

Brush Massage can relieve low immunity, impure skin, chronic diseases, oedema

Aroma-Massage can relieve slagging, circulatory discomfort, physical and mental disorders

Office- & Event Massage a lasting experience for employer's staff and clients

Kisoma, Steinweg 6, 60313 Frankfurt | appointments 069 28 88 20 or info@kisoma.de
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Author: Steffen Schleich