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Our Massage Institute in Frankfurt

Our philosophy

Physical problems often have both physical and psychological causes and can only be effectively solved by a holistic approach. That is exactly how we approach our task.

We take time for you, because we not only want to tackle the symptoms, but actually identify the causes of any problems you may have and solve them effectively. We do this on a physical as well as mental and spiritual level. Our therapists respond individually to your problems and are equally experienced in massage and other therapies.
Our goal is to increase your awareness as well as to solve problematic behaviour patterns in the long term - to make you feel vital and balanced.

Note: Our treatments do not replace a visit to the doctor, nor an official medical diagnosis.

Our Institute

Since 1998, KI-SOMA has successfully been offering holistic massage therapies in the center of Frankfurt. In recent years, we have expanded our service with mobile treatments in Frankfurt, Vorder- and Hochtaunus, and opened a branch in Bad Homburg in 2011. In addition, you can book our unique Ki Press chair massages for your event or office. KI-SOMA offers holistic treatment on all levels.

Our process

We take our time. Before the first treatment, we conduct a free consultation, including a posture check. This gives us an overview of your complaints and your individual situation. This also allows us to select the best possible therapy for you from our portfolio. The therapy is then designed according to your individual complaints and needs. It often contains deep, tension-relieving, as well as more gentle or energetic elements. After the treatment, you will have time to relax and, if necessary, have a conversation with the therapist. We want to improve your body awareness as well as your inner and outer posture so that you are free from long term complaints.

Our recommendation

A treatment should be performed for at least 60 minutes, so that your body relaxes on a muscular level and can also have time for internal relaxation. Please plan that each treatment will include about 15 minutes for conversation and rest.

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Kisoma, Steinweg 6, 60313 Frankfurt | appointments 069 28 88 20 or info@kisoma.de
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