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Mobile Lymphatic drainage

This massage helps to relieve:

  • Post-injury recovery (fractures, sprains, bruises etc.)
  • Damaged lymphatic system (mostly due to removed lymph nodes, due to a tumor or radiation damage)
  • Post-operation recovery
  • Sudeck's disease (CRPS)
  • Wound healing and scar treatment
  • Rheumatic diseases (with care taken in regards to inflammation), Osteoarthritis
  • Swelling due to pregnancy
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

You can expect:

  • Gentle, extensive and stroking massage movements which stimulate the lymphatic system
  • Improvement of lymph formation
  • Reduction of lymph congestion by stimulating the proper movement of the lymph vessels. More lymphatic movement
  • Shift in lymph and tissue fluid
  • Loosening of the connective tissue

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