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Voucher Reflexology (30/60 mins)

This massage can facilitate relief for:

  • blockages
  • strained nerves and muscels
  • stress
  • slow blood flow

You are expected:

  • based on the condition, shape and stability of the feet the therapist finds out physical blockages
  • using different grips, pressure and strokes tensions in the feet are effectively released
  • organs linked to meridians are stimulated

Hand and foot reflexology in Frankfurt

Feet are holistically seen as “the small body”, providing information about a person's mood and health disorders. Dr. Fitzgerald designed a zone therapy chart of the feet, dividing each foot into several zones corresponding to the whole human body.

With the help of these zones, the therapist can quickly find the affected organs or parts of the human body which are disturbed or blocked.

Using different grips, pressure or strokes, the contractions can be released and energy built up. This treatment aims to encourage physical and mental well-being and to stimulate the body’s own repair mechanism.



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