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Voucher Mobile Tao Massage

This massage can facilitate relief for:

  • stress
  • headaches
  • throat and neck tensions
  • sciatica
  • sleeping disorders

You are expected:

  • full body massage tailored to your individual discomfort and requests
  • a combination of 21 Eastern and Western healing methods
  • improvement of your body awareness and wellbeing
  • a harmonising and relaxing treatment

Mobile Ki-Tao Massage in Frankfurt

In Tao massage different manipulative techniques are used that integrate Eastern and Western healing methods and that are constantly adapted in line with latest insights.

Tao means "How": How things happen, how they work and how they have an impact. Tao incorporates muscles as well as meridians and chakras into the treatment. Using a combination of 21 different massage techniques, the entire body is massaged from head to foot and blocked energy released back into the body's natural energy flow.

This gives you space to "be yourself", to consciously perceive the course of events that led to these disorders inside your body. Tao massage opens the mind and allows you to observe what is going on around you. Clotted and scarred connective tissue is released from the muscles, relieving tension.

Tao massage – silent communication between body, spirit and soul. This technique is successfully applied in cases of slipped discs, vegetative dystonia and mental stress as well as after surgery and strokes. Tao massage may also be used as a prenatal massage to relieve tension during pregnancy.



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